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Leaders in action!


[The Red Devil Battalion, September 11]

Williston High School is hosting the Drill Meet on November 2nd. We are trying to get our teams together so if you want to join a team talk to  the team captains, Sergeant Velez, or Captain Clegg. We have a Raiders Competition on October 12th. We have a Shooting Competition October 19th. On October 17th there is the Homecoming Parade and JROTC will be leading the parade with a Color Guard followed by the Batallion.


 Information about JROTC


  • JROTC teaches self-discipline, confidence, and pride in a job well done, and it offers you challenges and opprotunities.


  • This program is not to encourage going into the military, it is to "Motivate young people to be better citizens." (The JROTC motto.) Even if you do want to go into the military, and your JROTC branch is not what you want to go into, it is a step closer to your future and you do not have to go into that branch, you still have many options.


  • JROTC is a high school program that any student can start and can usually last up to 4 years. Each student has a chance to acheive leadership and teamwork skills. They also have the chance to participate in extra curricular activities like Raiders, Drill, Color Guard and Honor Guard. Whenever a cadet has done something, in or out of the program, they can receive awards from an SAI(Senior Army Instructor) or AI(Army Instructor).