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Important Dates:


  • Military Ball Money due by April 21st then price doubles
  • April 8th: JROTC Car Wash
  • April 22nd: Shooting Comp
  • April 28th: Military Ball
  • April 29th: Bad to the Bone
  • May 17th: Bush Gardens Field Trip




·         The cadets will depart WMHS at 0815 on Saturday, June 10th, 2017.

·         The cadets will return on Friday, June 16th, 2017 around 1130-1200.


·         CW3 Daryl Richard @ 386-288-6535

·         Camp Shands Rangers Office @ (352) 475-1212


1. SW 12th Ave Williston, FL 32696

2. Take W Hwy 318/W Co Hwy 318 and US-301 N to Baden Powell Rd in Putnam County

3. Head east on SW 12th Ave/NE 30 St/Robert Philpot Way toward NE 202 Terrace

4. Turn left onto State Hwy 335

5. Turn right onto W Hwy 318/W Co Hwy 318

6. Turn left onto US-301 N

7. Turn right to merge onto FL-20 E/NE 6th Ave/SE Hawthorne Rd toward Palatka(Continue to follow FL-20 E)

8. Turn left onto State Rd 21 N

9. Turn right onto Baden Powell Rd

10. 1453 Baden Powell Rd Hawthorne, FL 32640


Contact Us


 350 Robert Philpot Way Williston, Fl 32696

Phone: 352-528-3542
Fax: 352-528-2723



About Raiders:

Raiders is all about fitness. Every practice can, and will, test a persons fitness. To preform at regulation standards, each Raider is to be physically fit, certified in First Aid and CPR, and be knowledgeable in land navigation. Practice is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, when there isn't a home game. Contact Sgt. Velez if you wish to join the team.



Raiders perform many physically and mentally challenging exercises. They are designed to break you and build you up again. Endurance is a must for many of these exercises. Some of them are as follows: 

Elevated Push-Ups: 

A partnered exercise where one cadet is used to elevate another's feet while doing push-ups. This shifts more weight to the cadet's hands when he or she lowers themselves.


A line of cadets run up the steps of the football stadium, working the legs and training balance on the way down the steps. 


Cadets run 1-3 miles in the afternoon after having done all previous exercises. This is an exercise of endurance and pacing, as well as strength and stability.


Cadets do a full one minute of pull-ups on our pull-up bars. This works your upper body and is very physically demanding.


Standard push-up procedure, lift your body from a plank position with your arms while looking forward.